Heroes of Laketown

A Dark Plot

Narrowly averting another war

08/18-08/26, 1647

A dying scout rides into town, ignoring guards and heading for Odagavia’s house. He’ll speak only to Odagavia and his circle of advisors: Woffung, Maethelgar, and Beadarof. He found a large orcish outpost just southwest of Esgaroth, on the northeastern edge of the mountains. He observed it for a week and saw over 200 orcs arrive in that time. Because he doesn’t want the outpost aware of Esgaroth’s knowledge, he’d like the information kept from the populace. Unfortunately, Woffung is actually a spy for the Necromancer.

At Odagavia’s behest, Beadarof and Woffung ask the PCs to spy on the outpost. The Fall Festival is less than a week away and a large celebration is planned. Eoder, kryn of Dale’s largest clan and leader of Dale-folk, is visiting during the festival to sign a trade and military alliance treaty. An attack during this time could jeopardize the unity and leadership of northern Rhovanion. The PCs agree. At this time, Woffung gives Felkik a small pendant that he claims, “will grow warm near danger.”

Along the PCs route, they are separated and ambushed. Andaeson, Felkik, and Eordinale are attacked by Woffung, Gerazan (a Black Numenorean), and Leonide (an Easterling). Gerazan defeats Andaeson and Leonide defeats Eordinale. Felkik cuts off Woffung’s hand, but must flee to avoid capture by the others. After ditching the pendant, which was actually a tracking item, he rescues Andaeson, but must watch Leonide and Gerazan leave with Eordinale. Woffung cannot be found. Hargrim and Voswi kill both of their assassins, and catch up to Felkik and Andaeson. They try to heal Andaeson, and then head to the orc outpost to rescue Eordinale.

They sneak into the outpost and almost get caught, but are rescued by Allum, who’s been spying within the outpost for days. He shows them the venting tunnels which lace the outpost and they learn of a plot to assassinate both Eoder and Odagavia, preceding an attack on Esgaroth and Dale. They hear that there is an Easterling army east of the lake preparing to attack, alongside the orcs, when they’re signaled that both leaders are dead. It is unknown, however, how either will be killed or who is the assassin. Lastly, they find that Eordinale is on his way to Dol Guldur.

The PCs take off after him, while Allum rides to Esgaroth to warn of the plot. The PCs catch up to the wagons that hold Eordinale. They attack, and free him. Torturing a wagon driver, they find out that Eoder and Odagavia are to be poisoned. They all then head to Esgaroth.
They find the festival in its last day, with a ceremony for the treaty’s signing. Prowling the city for the assassin, they see Woffung greeting Eoder. They had never told Allum he was a traitor and thus the townspeople did not know either. The PCs chase Woffung into the Vodagarazun, where they engage in a short battle. Woffung dies falling from a 3rd floor window, but they find the poison and antidote on his body. They give both to Uphelb, who determines that the poison is administered by touch. Eoder and Odagavia are given the antidote as a precaution, and without their deaths, no signal for attack is given.

The treaty is signed. The Easterling armies soon disperse, but the orc outpost remains.



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