Heroes of Laketown

A Return To Normalcy

Gaining a favor (for a change)

07/01-07/09, 1647

Freamund, kryn of the Merchants union, approaches the PCs in response to a recommendation by Odagavia. During the plague his sister Hreowalda fled Esgaroth along with many other refugees. Most refugees returned following the plague, but Hreowalda and some others were not among them. Freamund has purchased information from a traveler, Unhir Wadflad, who claims he saw a small hamlet north of the lake called Penstow, to where it was rumored that people had fled during the plague.

The PCs travel with Unhir northeast, but he abandons them shortly after they pass through Dale. The PCs continue on the path they’ve been on and eventually find the colony of Penstow. They find Hreowalda, thyn of the village, and convince her that the plague is over. She refuses to return, however, until a recent crisis is settled. It seems 5 children have recently gone missing. The PCs track them down, killing the 2-headed troll whom kidnapped them. Hreowalda and her son, Volaf, convince 22 other villagers to return with her to Esgaroth. Thirty-one others, most not previous Esgaroth residents, decide to remain in Penstow.

On the trip back the PCs find out what happened to Unhir. He is now accompanied by 46 Larzoguhoth orcs. They decorate their bodies with blue tattoos. The PCs maneuver to encounter the orcs via a rope-bridge crossing a large canyon. After a long battle, causing the death of 4 Penstow residents and over 30 orcs, Unhir and the surviving orcs flee. The PCs return the others to Esgaroth. Hreowalda reunites with Freamund and Viclaf, the son she thought dead from plague long ago. Freamund pays them and offers Andaeson any favor he’d like from the guild.



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