Heroes of Laketown

Abulkar’s Well

8/22 – 9/15, 1648

Leaving the Wilderland, the PCs head north to Carnen and see if he can repair Cirthas. They stop in Shrel-Kain along the way and dine with Gaerendil and Korg. They are back in Gaerandil good graces due to their slaying of Borel. They learn that a Dorwinion nobleman is now courting Delhaelyn, whom she met while visiting Wintirion Iaur, and that Rhubar and Dorwinion are having a conference to re-establish trade relations.

Leaving Shrel-Kain, they stop by Wintirion Iaur on the way to Rhubar. Voswi and Andaeson research Cirthas in the library, Felkik searches for the identity of Delhaelyn’s suitor, and Hargrim watches Felkik. Everyone learning little, they continue on to Rhubar.

After entering the Taur Romen, forest-warders escort them to Rhubar. Andaeson asks Carnen if he can examine Cirthas and Eordinale asks him to repair one of his arrows. Carnen is busy fashioning gifts for the Dorwinion trade conference, but spares time to tell Andaeson that he recognizes Cirthas as being forged by Abulkar. He was once a craftsman of the Taur Romen, a master of Channeling runes, and a pacifist. He made only five weapons, of which Cirthas was the first, and then disappeared 200 years ago. Carnen doesn’t know why the sword is inert, but has heard that magical beings (such as dragons) absorb Channeling energy over long periods of time. Unfortunately, he also doesn’t know how to recharge it.

He sends the PCs to his friend Dinar. Dinar spends a day studying and finds an old map to a place called “Abulkar’s Well”, which was Abulkar’s workspace. Carnen asks Siracar to act as scout on the PCs’ journey, as he has become very knowledgable of the Taur Romen. Dinar, Siracar, and the PCs set off the next day.

They spend four days following overgrown paths before reaching their destination. Abulkar’s lair is a wide shaft, nearly a quarter-mile deep, which is descended via a spiralling staircase. They avoid the golem guardians at the entrance, destroy flying shadow beasts, and battle shadow versions of themselves. On the way down, they discover a library that describes three other “wells” of magic (in Mirkwood, Dyr, and Rhovanion). The PCs identify the Rhovanion location as the “Spring of the Valar”, which they visited over three years earlier. At the shaft’s bottom they find a shallow well which recharges Cirthas. They all drink from the well, and reset all of the defenses before leaving.



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