Heroes of Laketown

Coup D'etat

Meeting Din Ohtar the Ring Wight

09/09-12/20, 1645

Still in Shrel-Kain, the PC’s are approached individually by soldiers who say they’ve kidnapped Daelhaelin and will kill her unless they surrender. Thrown into a brig, they sail for over 2 weeks, end up at Madon’s old castle near Elgaer, and are imprisoned for over a month. Befriended by a servant named Tesh, a young boy loyal to Methri, they learn their fate.

Borel, captain of the castle guard, and Tamath, Madon’s apprentice, have detected a great power in the tunnels beneath the castle. They sent in several men, but none returned so they decide to throw the PCs down unarmed and undernourished. Tesh gets hold of some of their gear and dumps it down the hole along with some food. The PCs rest and then travel until they find an underground temple. They fight through many undead, destroy an imprisoned demon, and finally escape using a magic rope from the temple. The castle nearly empty, they question 2 guards and find that Borel left with a fleet of ships heading to Shrel-Kain. The PCs finally find their way there, but are too late. An army of both orc and man had taken the city. They learn that Korg and Herufara have a hidden camp in the mountains and fight through many of Borel’s soldiers to find it.

The camp has many men, but not enough. Eordinale helps convince the elves of Rhubar and Hargrim the dwarves of the Iron Hills and Eorstan mountains to help in the fight by explaining that the city is held by orcs and men of evil worship. Korg learns that Minas Falath holds information on the location of the enemy leaders and the mysterious port from where the ships hailed. Using hollow log rafts to reach the sea the PCs are given the task of locating and then taking out the leaders.

At Minas Falath they discover the existence and location of an island in the center of the sea, previously known only in legends. Enshrouded by fog, the island is hard to find, but easy to approach undetected. They battle through a few dozen orcs before reaching the leaders; several armed with PC equipment. These include Tamath, Borel, Din Ohtar, and an Easterling mage called Restah. Tamath and Restah are killed, Din Ohtar escapes, and Borel surrenders. They find some large crystals that enable the enemy forces to communicate and shatter them before heading back to Shrel-Kain.

The battle is several days ended when they return. Unfortunately, Korg is paralyzed and Daelhaelin in a coma. Questioning Borel, who seems to have been the mastermind, they receive only cryptic answers before he mysteriously teleports away.

At a victory banquet the PCs are presented with gifts from Gaerandil, the dwarves and the elves.



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