Heroes of Laketown

Demon Hunt

Taking on new forms to defeat a hellish foe

03/23-03/25, 1647

As the PCs are being teleported they hear Harkov’s voice in their head. The demon has surrounded his realm by a ward of Absolution. Anyone entering will have their soul torn from their body. His only option is to transfer the PCs souls into the soulless bodies of beings who are already within the realm. He had prepared for this eventuality, however, and identified 5 preserved bodies. In these forms they would have to defeat the demon within 3 days. Harkov could only guarantee the preservation of their real bodies for that amount of time.

Andaeson became Orindal, a half-elf ranger. Eordinale became Ringore, a Noldor elf cleric. Felkik became Miramatea, a human mystic. Hargrim became Vinyanaug, a hobbit monk. Voswi became Kirpolda, a human fighter. All of these beings had been killed attempting to kill the demon, now hidden in human form, sometime over the last 500 years.

Using their new abilities, they track down High Chancellor Grayden, actually the demon, and are able to defeat him, free Jenna’s spirit, and teleport back. At the keep, Harkov offers them another reward before teleporting them out of the keep. When they find themselves on open ground again they’re surrounded by 28 half-orcs, but rescued by Jenna. The demon, Grayden, appears briefly and teleports the half-orcs away. They had never actually killed him. Jenna informs them that she will contact them soon and they head back to Esgaroth.



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