Heroes of Laketown

Lair of the Blue Dragon

Slaying our second dragon

10/19-10/29, 1647

The PCs hear a story from a traveler about a large group of orcs from whom he escaped, orcs covered in blue tattoos. He claims they had amassed wealth by looting travelers between Dale and Buhr Thurasig. The PCs pay him off, and he gives them directions to their lair. They want revenge on Unhir Wadflad, who was last seen with the orcs, to stop the looting, and to steal some of their treasure.

They arrive at the orcs’ mountain hideout, and sneak into the caves running through it. They’re quickly discovered, and engage in a series of attacks, retreats, and attacks through other entrances. They kill over 30 orcs before Mogshi, the leader, threatens a human serving girl named Kiril. He says that he’ll kill her unless the PCs stop their attack, but agrees to free her if the PCs accomplish a task. He wants them to go down into the deepest caves of the mountain and “free them from the will of their master”. The PCs agree to make the attempt.

They crawl deep into the mountain and find a blue-skinned ice-drake whose name they never discover. After a long and nearly costly battle, the PCs are able to defeat the beast. They deliver the dragon eyes to Mogshi as proof of their victory and take the girl. They leave with as they can carry from the dragon’s hoard.



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