Heroes of Laketown

On The Trail Of A Scoundrel

Orlif returns

10/17-11/11, 1643

Orlif returns to Lake-Town on his way to the Sea Of Rhun. Spotting him, the PCs follow. They go all of the way to Elgaer before finding the castle of Madon, where Orlif is hiding, with the help of a local named Methri. Sneaking into the castle, half of the party is imprisoned and later freed by the others, who bluff their way in. They then find Orlif and, after a long chase, capture and hang him in Elgaer’s town square. Neither the Book of the Dead nor the crystal-key is found. Unknown to the PCs at the time, Orlif uses a spell learned from the book to transfer his soul into Madon’s body.



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