Heroes of Laketown

Prisoner Of Peratagon

Finally killing the demon

03/01 – 03/20, 1649

The PCs travel through Shrel-Kain on their way home. While there, Delhaelyn tells Voswi that she has secured a position for him at Or Sarn for the reknowned Instruction on Advanced Magery. She had applied his name almost 5 years ago, but he was on the waiting list up until now. Voswi catches the next ship heading to Or Sarn.

Everyone else charters the next available barge leaving to the Long Lake. It’s a good homecoming. The weather is still warm and everyone is still in a good mood from the Fall Festival. While they were out, a couple of new structures popped up. First, the Esgaroth Orphan Refuge was opened up on the westside. Mostly privately funded, it is a subject of much pride for Odagavia. Second, a shop called Eastern Trades has opened up near The Golden Elixir. The proprietor is Nechtan. He resides above his shop with a young boy named Parfin, who was Maboor’s servant. Nechtan adopted the boy and fled as far north as possible following his betrayal of the Logath during the recent conflict.

There are two governmental changes as well. Beadarof and Odagavia have assigned a detective to the Drihten. This was partly inspired by some of PCs’ recent work in resolving local crimes. The man chosen for the post is named Danya, a son of Merovech. Danya pays for several meals with the PCs over the next months, drilling them for information and techniques to help him in his job. Also, there is an election scheduled for 3/21, 1649. Odagavia has an opponent, Hreowalda, for the first time in 8 years. The race is so far clean, and no clear victor can be predicted.

The winter hits early in 1648, late October, and lasts all of the way through January. The cold winter months are spent in homes and taverns, and there are almost no out-of-town visitors. Voswi returns to Esgaroth in mid-February, following the completion of his course. With spring just a month away, and everyone back in town, even Eordinale spends more time in town.

Early one morning, Hargrim hears a cry of alarm from a city guard. The cry leads to Freca’s home, where he finds Freca gone and Erian dead in the doorway. A search is called out, but yields no results. Days later, Jenna suddenly appears in the Blue Belly Tavern. She says that after leaving the PCs before, she tracked down Grayden, but was again overpowered and imprisoned. Just an hour before her arrival, however, the wards around her cell dropped, and she was able to teleport out. She also notes that a young woman arrived just before her escape, and that several of her orc captors had blue tattoos. She offers to teleport the PCs to Grayden’s location, a place called Peratagon, but will require a day of rest, having taxed her powers tracking down and reaching them already.

During this time, the PCs research demons and Peratagon. Andaeson goes to see Beawyn. He learns that the dwarfs of Axewater might have information, and asks Jenna to teleport them there once she’s rested. Jenna stays, since the PCs suspect that Grayden can sense her presence. Hargrim speaks with Thorkel at Axewater, who states that Peratus the Mad fooled the dwarfs of Axewater into building most of Peratagon. When they discovered his purpose, they sealed it up and set traps to keep prevent escape. This was one of their greatest shames. Hargrim takes the information and some crude maps, and goes with the PCs towards Peratagon.

Using the maps, they locate the lair, and battle some orcs to enter. Once inside, they discover several floors of traps testing their wits and abilities. They finally encounter Grayden and his cadre of orcs, including some Lazugohoth. The PCs surround Grayden when he tries to escape, and destroy him using Rogoth. Most of the orcs, including Mogshi, are slaughtered. Releasing Freca from her cell, they gather what loot they can find, and return to Esgaroth.



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