Heroes of Laketown

Sack of Silverplunge

Slay Hyarleuca the dragon in retaliation for the destruction of Hargim's family mine

Many in Buhr Thurasig ask Hargrim if he is from Silverplunge. Dwarves from the mine used to trade in town often, but none have been seen in over 5 years. Many suspect they are all dead from Plague. Hargrim decides he must investigate, and the others agree to accompany him.

The PCs fight wolves, ice-orcs, and blizzards before reaching Silverplunge. There, they find main plaza littered with dwarf skeletons and the main door smashed. Investigating, they find no indication of attackers, but locate a survivor. Higdal, an outcast dwarf, tells them of a massive invasion of ice-orcs. He says that they return often and tells the PCs go home. Instead, they decide to investigate the main treasury, the most secure location. Rather than ice-orcs, they find a white dragon sleeping atop Silverplunge’s treasure. He explains that he came here, killed all of the dwarves, and claimed the treasure because he had given his hoard to his son. The PCs narrowly escape just as the dragon bores of conversation.

They find Higdal again, who tells them he only wanted to scare them off to save their lives. All he knows of the dragon is that his name is Scatha. As the dragon has killed Hargrim’s family, he is reminded of the dwarfish saying, “Kill my son, lose your father”, and the tale from which it originates. In the tale, a dwarf’s young son is killed by another young dwarf. Feeling battle with such a young dwarf dishonorable, he challenges the father instead. He kills the father fairly, exacting revenge and maintaining his honor. It is one of the bases for the dwarfish idea that debts and favors extend to all members of a bloodline. Hargrim resolves to find and slay Scatha’s son.

The PCs travel to Buhr Craesh, the nearest settlement, to learn more Scatha and his son. They’re told to visit Tral the Wolf-man. He knows that Scatha’s son is Hyarleuca, but is unfamiliar with its location. He offers to help them locate the drake for a share of the hoard. He travels to a huge fortress and speaks with some ice-orcs there, much to the PCs discomfort. That help enables them to find the dragon’s lair, however, and they arrive while Hyarleuca is out. They set up an ambush, and attack when the dragon arrives. Hyarleuca is slain, Voswi drops into a coma, and Tral returns home.

Hargrim and Felkik take Hyarleuca’s scrotum back to Silverplunge and leave it at the main gate. They take a long route home, through unpopulated areas, in case Scatha follows them. Andaeson rushes Voswi back to Esgaroth. There, Odagavia helps him find the healer Presebal, who heals Voswi for 20g. Eordinale follows Andaeson with a wagon full of their booty.



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