Heroes of Laketown

Stone Age War

Returning the Erinstone and establishing peace with the Horse Lords

07/24 – 8/21, 1648

Several events take place after leaving Silverplunge. Felkik and Andaeson purchase the old Erannun Tavern and begin renovating and hiring employees. Hargrim visits Moria, Axe Mountain, and Azan to deliver the news of Silverplunge’s demise. Eordinale mysteriously leaves town. Freca weds Erian, with most of the PCs attending, and Andaeson buys them a house. Vosca and Forlet Bellia deliver the last of the items from Eldran’s remains, a suit of armor.

Soon after, everyone hears rumors of a war brewing between Gondor and all of the Eothraim tribes over areas of the Wilderland. Andaeson receives a letter from his aunt Gildas and uncle Atolson, asking him to return to the farm in the Wilderland where he spent many years in his youth. His father, Sortar, has been recalled to active duty and been assigned to Soren, a fierce political rival. Gildas is worried that he may be in peril.

A day later, most of the PCs leave, and Eordinale joins them after getting word from Goshafoc. Entering the Wilderland, they capture an Asdriag scout trying to spy on them. Continuing south, they are attacked by a Logath scouting party, and capture one of them.
At the farm, Atolson informs them that the Eothraim have allied with the Logath, and that the Asdriags are merely taking advantage of the Gondorian army being distracted. They soon find the soldiers lead by Soren. Since they had brought and surrendered a Logath prisoner, Soren agrees to meet with them. He explains that the army is split. His army is facing off with Lorath, the Logath headman, and his large force of Logath. The other half is lead by Vagaig, the Wilderland regent, and is facing off with Theolaer, who speaks for all of the Eothraim tribes, and Botan, who leads the remaining Logath. He also explains that he sent Sortar on a secret mission and cannot divulge the mission’s nature. By speaking with 3 Gondorian mages, Voswi learns that Lorath has 2 generals named Maboor and Kro, as well as a wizard named Jek. Jek has been casting powerful spells, including raising the dead.

The following night, Eordinale and Hargrim save Soren from an assassin. Over the next couple of days, each PC receives a note. They are ultimately able to decipher the notes, and become convinced that Orlif, possibly still in Borel’s body, is involved. They determine that he is Jek, using necromancy learned from The Book of the Dead. They convince Soren to allow them to investigate the Logath camp. At the same time, Soren sends word to Dorwinion that Borel is involved in hopes that it will draw them into the fray. Soren directs them to Nechtan, a Logath traitor, to help them enter the camp. Eordinale assassinates Jek after the PCs sneak into his tent. They realize that Jek is not Borel just as they are surrounded. The general Maboor is revealed as Borel.

Using Voswi’s control of the weather, and stealing some horses, they are able to escape. During their retreat Hargrim throws his hammer and kills Orlif/Borel. When they arrive at Soren’s camp they tell them to attack the Logath while they are still in disarray. The battle is swift and leaves few casualties, but sends the Logath heading home. Soren returns with Sortar, who had been captive. The PCs then accompany Soren’s army to unite with Vagaig’s. During the journey, Andaeson and Sortar are able begin healing old squabbles.

From Vagaig they learn that the Eothraim remain in military readiness at Warfinger. Their reasons for starting the fight have not been resolved. First, Gondorian settlers moved into Duchess Glade, an area where all of the Eothraim tribes meet once each year. Second, an artifact was stolen from the tomb of Erin. Erin was once a chieftain of the Hatanar tribe. Theolaer, the current chieftain, found the tomb looted and defiled with Adunaic graffiti. He then convinced all other chieftains to take a stand against Gondor.

The PCs convince Vagaig to let them go to Theolaer as envoys. They explain to Theolaer how they came to possess The Stone of Eomund, but that they did not defile the tomb. They then give him the stone. After a brief imprisonment, they are released when a peace accord is reached. Gondor has agreed to give them a buffer around Duchess Glade where no settlers will be allowed. The Eothraim tribes return to their respective territories and the soldiers who were called from Gondor return home. Sortar agrees to come north and visit Andaeson soon, but must return home at this time.



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