Heroes of Laketown

The Many Faces Of Orlif

01/31-02/27, 1647

On the way home from Igrash they first stop by Rhubar. There, Andaeson asks Carnen to make him a stout shield for 15g. Carnen agrees and says it will take a few months.

Returning home safely and settling in, they set off to Dale to question Beawyn regarding Harkov’s Keep. She says she knows of a man in town, Pral, who is supposed to know of the keep. Pral is half-insane, but says he has plotted the next appearance of the keep. He was paid 20 years ago by a man named Jarr to anticipate one of its future locations. He says Jarr had once visited the keep. The PCs agree to pay him 10g now and 10g later if he tells them the next location.

In Esgaroth, Krista, who no longer seems to be imprisoned, approaches them. She details a story explaining how Orlif’s consciousness fled his body after his death, moved to Madon, and finally to Borel. Worse yet, he seems to possess the abilities of all. She also says that he has threatened to take her body as well. She says she is informing them because she feels they can stop him. Soon after, Allum returns to town and says Jarr now lives in Ulgarstat. Jarr tells them that the keep is cursed and he’s the only one of his party who still lives. He also gives them a little advice to help get them through it.

Weeks later, back at the Vodagarazun, the PCs are attacked by a wagonload of skeletons. An obvious clue leads them to Jarlack’s old castle. They battle many soldiers, find Allum imprisoned and tortured, and find another obvious clue. This clue leads them to Ulgarstat. They realize that it’s Orlif, just leading them to all of the sites they originally encountered him. They head to Madon’s old castle, where they originally hung Orlif, figuring that’s where he’s ultimately leading them. Since they arrive a few days sooner than he expects they’re able to surprise him and several of his lieutenants. Seeing defeat at hand he heads into the caverns below the castle. After a lengthy chase the PCs catch him, but learn his last ace. It is his spell, from the Book of the Dead, which is responsible for Daelhaelin’s coma and he is the only one who knows of the book’s location.

The PCs are forced to let him go if he casts the counterspell and disposes of the crystal-key. He does. Felkik destroys the book and places a spy on Borel’s ship to keep tabs on just where he gets off. They catch the ship that leaves the very next day.



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