Heroes of Laketown

The Necromancer's Lieutenant

02/10-03/13, 1644

The PCs rest in Shrel-Kain for awhile before heading north. On the way they stop in Buhr Widu for a night. There, Francryn the merchant hires the PCs to guard his wagonload of goods en route to Woodmen-Town. They’re ambushed by orcs on the way and the wagon is looted. They track them and recover everything and find Eordinale, who’d been captured, and a Woodman scout named Windlore. They travel with him back to Woodmen-Town.

Windlore gives word to Waulfa that the Eargil has been stolen and is now en route, via orcish caravan, to the Necromancer. At Waulfa’s request the PCs ambush the caravan, but its leaders escape south with the Eargil. The PCs track them down and recover the Eargil, but find that it lacks its backing, making it non-functional. They also find a note on the orcs telling of a plan to attack Aradhrynd very soon.

The PCs spread the word to Woodmen-Town and Aradhrynd and then do their best to slow down the approaching army. At the final front before Aradhrynd they fight alongside the elves before being captured by the wizard Skauril and his minions. Rescued by Legolas, they chase Skauril back to his lair in Southern Mirkwood. They kill him and all of his followers, barely surviving themselves, and recover the backing to the Eargil. The elves fend off the attack, but suffer heavy losses. The PCs are again revered as heroes and given rewards of thanks.



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