Heroes of Laketown

The Royal Wedding

Felkik's lovelife is complicated

07/06-08/11, 1645

The PCs receive invitations to a wedding in Shrel-Kain between Korg and Daelhaelin. Stopping in Caradsurga on the way they, offer to help Garvanon Haldraker, whose wine barge has been hijacked by orcs. They recapture the barge and a majority of its load. They are aided in this endeavor by Kailin, Gralis, and Durzil, 3 Dwarf brothers, and by Ginfilian, a sinda sailor.

In Shrel-Kain Korg explains the situation. Gaerandil hired Korg’s mercenaries and then offered Korg a station as commander of Dorwinion forces. One night Gaerandil saw Korg and Herufara in warm embrace and betrothing their love to one another. Herufara, however, was betrothed at age 12 to the prince of a neighboring Logath tribe, Jogath, in order to ensure peace. It was their border skirmishes that brought Korg in. As that wedding was supposed to take place in only 6 weeks, Herufara convinced Gaerandil that she was really Daelhaelin. Gaerandil was thrilled and set out to plan a double wedding for his twin daughters. When the PC’s arrive, the wedding is 7 days away. Daelhaelin and Korg don’t want to marry one another and Herufara doesn’t want to marry Jogath. Calling off the weddings could lead to scandal or even war.

Five days before the wedding Korg asks the PC’s to investigate reports of spiders in Durannon Wood, along the Celduin. Visiting the nearby town of Kardavan, the PC’s track down Leigos Maladov, who has transplanted young spiders from Mirkwood, and kill him and most of the spiders.

Korg, Herufara, and the PC’s start working on a plan. They’re interrupted when Hothar, Jogath’s brother, is murdered. Hothar is second in line for tribe leadership, after Jogath. Hargrim spots the assassin, but is unable to capture him. While half of the PC’s attempt to track down the assassin the other half formulate a plan to buy time.

Andaeson and Felkik take advantage of a Logath tradition, a duel called the Garesh. The duel is not to the death and the challenged chooses weapons. Andaeson challenges Jogath for the hand of Herufara and Felkik challenges Korg, professing he and Daelhaelin’s love for one another. Korg beats Felkik, but calls off the wedding in disgust of their love. Andaeson accidentally crushes Jogath’s windpipe, killing him.

The others find the assassin and discover that he is in the employ of Botan, Jogath’s youngest brother and now next in line. They force the assassin to confess to the crowd. Botan knew that if Jogath married an outsider his credibility would be ruined and could never become tribe leader, leaving only him. Under cover of this ensuing scandal, Andaeson cancels his proposal to Herufara and leaves before the duel’s outcome sinks in with the Logath.

Although under some protest and suspicion by Gaerandil, Korg and Herufara wed. Daelhaelin tells Felkik that he can prove his devotion to her by remaining in town for 30 days without running off. Botan and the other Logath return to their homelands, the threat of war undiminished.



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