Heroes of Laketown

The Wolf-Man Of Galgorin

03/05-03/11, 1647

The PCs arrive in Shrel-Kain and are arrested as they disembark. Gaerandil is charging them with treason for not disclosing that they knew Borel’s location when they came through town. They talk their way out of it when they learn that Daelhaelin has awoken from her coma. They also learn that Orlif’s ship came in without him.

Raendoric finds the PCs in town and informs Andaeson that he knows of a grape grower in the town of Galgorin who is interested in doing business with him, but wants to meet him personally. They find there’s a mystery in Galgorin and the man they’re supposed to meet, Gran Naldo, is in jail. Wolves have attacked local livestock and a recent traveler over the last couple of weeks and most of the townspeople are scared to go outside. Gallo Wansutt, the town-master, feels that it’s random attacks and jailed Naldo when he said he wanted to contact the capitol for help, as this would jeopardize Wansutt’s political career.

As the PCs investigate the problems they are joined by 3 others: Drusso, a wagon-driver who saw his friend mauled; Arcatia, the beast-master of Dorwinion; and Julia Marcatio, a local hermetic woman. They eventually discover that Krulla, a retired soldier, is a werewolf and doesn’t know it. With the help of Lada, the local healer, they devise a potion to cure Krulla without killing him. No one is killed, but only two of the PCs are left standing at the end.

Krulla is very thankful to them and gives them his Medallion of Healing, Naldo gives Andaeson a good deal, and Julia gives Voswi some spell scrolls for wolves. The PCs head back towards Esgaroth.



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