Heroes of Laketown

Triple Vision

10/29-11/22, 1642

A young woman shows up at the Vodagarazun Inn (Laketown) looking for help. This woman, Thelisa, is one of two sisters who have been spurned by their father in lieu of a 3rd sister, Lita. The father is the lord of a castle near the eastern border of Rhovanion. Seducing Voswi, Thelisa tricks the party into freeing Korg and his mercenary company from the castle’s dungeons. They’d been put there after Korg and Thelisa had tried, unsuccessfully, to take the castle. With the party’s help the castle is indeed taken, but Thelisa’s deception is revealed. After being thrown to some wolves the party is able to return and remove Korg and Thelisa’s forces from the castle. The 3rd sister, Kora kills her father, but is then killed by Voswi. Lita is left in charge, but Thelisa and Korg both escape.

Remaining at the castle to recover, Andaeson comes down with a fever received from a wolf bite. The other party members go searching for an herb to cure him. While doing this they run across a smuggling operation being run by one of the Laketown guards. They capture him and his men and expose the operation to Odagavia, master of Esgaroth.



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