Heroes of Laketown

You Bet Your Life

6/18-6/20, 1647

A body washes up on shore near the town’s entrance. The man, name unknown, is suspected by Beadarof of being involved with one of Lake-Town’s smuggling rings. He offers the PCs a 20g reward to find the man’s murderer and hopefully uncover information relating to smuggling operations into town.

Following leads, the PCs discover a smuggling operation between Viloric of Londaroth and Hildegrippa the Lean, owner of the Erranun Tavern. They smuggle grains into town by way of a trap door in the tavern’s back room, which opens to the lake below. Andaeson convinces Vogir, Hildegrippa’s second, that he wants to smuggle Dorwinion wine into town. The deal is accepted and a trap is set up, including the PCs and several Drihten. An unknown Drihten informs on Andaeson at the last minute, however, and almost costs him his life.

In the end, Hildegrippa, Vogir, and several thugs are captured. One of Hildegrippa’s thugs testifies that she killed Saewic, the body from the water, when she caught him cheating at dice. Her thugs stuffed his body into some sacks of barley just in from Viloric and dumped him into the lake to sink or be eaten by a grundherd. Fish chewed through the sacks, however, and the body rose to the surface to float ashore. Hildegrippa was hung, Viloric was fined and banned from trading in town, and Vogir imprisoned for 60 days. The tavern was forfeited to the town government.



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