Daelhaelin Cirya

Princess of Shrel-Kain


The fifth youngest child of the ruling noble family of Dominion (on the north shore of the Sea of Rhun), Daelhaelin showed an affinity for magic at a young age This became quite evident in early childhood when she began to glow red if emotional, stunned, or bleeding The cause of this unusual phenomenon has never been adequately explained Because of her station, and despite her father’s distrust of enchantments, Daelhaelin was sent to study under the tutelage of the Sinda Adept Findegil at Or-Sarn, a tower near the city of Dilgul on the southern shore of the Sea of Rhun There, she grew independent and bold in her use of the arcane arts A naturally gifted student, Daelhaelin also studied acting andpublic speaking without interrupting her frequent excursions into acrobatics and sailing.


Daelhaelin Cirya

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