Rune sword

weapon (melee)


Bronze-hilted broadsword with iron blade carved with seemingly random runes.


  • Provides +15 OB.
  • A successful Read Runes SM is required to activate a power the first time, but need only be spoken aloud after that. Only one power may be used at a time, and all powers continue to operate as long as the wielder wills it and is holding the blade.
  • “I call the power of the blazing sun”. This will only function in open sunlight. Flames flicker along the blade’s edge. This will do secondary heat crits 2 levels below that of the primary crit.
  • “Mask me in my own shadow”. This will only function in a shadow (night doesn’t count). User and sword blend with shadow, adding +50 to Hiding skill while stationary.
  • “Let my blade’s edge prove fine”. The blade becomes supernaturally sharp and durable. All slash crits are 2 levels above crit obtained and all krush crits are 2 levels below crit obtained. Also, sword does 2x Hits to all non-magical inanimate materials.
  • “Travel along a cloud’s path”. This will only function outside, under an open sky. Wielder can levitate up to 10’/round, but horizontal movement is at the mercy of the wind.
  • “Make gills from lungs”. This will only function while the blade is submerged in water. Wielder can breathe water, but not air.
  • “Ice where there was once water”. This will only function in temperatures of 32-degrees F or below. Sword can hurl a +20 OB Ice Bolt 1x/5 rds.

Recovered from (Inter-dimensional) Harkov’s Keep


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