Heroes of Laketown

On The Trail Of A Scoundrel
Orlif returns

10/17-11/11, 1643

Orlif returns to Lake-Town on his way to the Sea Of Rhun. Spotting him, the PCs follow. They go all of the way to Elgaer before finding the castle of Madon, where Orlif is hiding, with the help of a local named Methri. Sneaking into the castle, half of the party is imprisoned and later freed by the others, who bluff their way in. They then find Orlif and, after a long chase, capture and hang him in Elgaer’s town square. Neither the Book of the Dead nor the crystal-key is found. Unknown to the PCs at the time, Orlif uses a spell learned from the book to transfer his soul into Madon’s body.

Raid on the Rogues
Returning Beawyn's favor

08/03-08/26, 1643

Beawyn asks for her favor. Her friend, Lorril Tesserne, is a priest in Meke Larnis. He has had a revered item, the Horn of Grell, stolen by the Clan of Rogues who live in Strayhold. The PC’s are asked to get it back. Aided by Ecuris the seer, they break into the clan-hall twice and steal back the horn on their second attempt. Beawyn explains more about members of the Dark Council. She names Madon, Krista, Leardinoth, Ellis, Kiran, and Cheirosh and Beirosh as all being members.

Dawn Of Unlight
Defeating a cult of Ungoliant

07/17-08/02, 1643

Returning from Moria, the party discovers the existence of a cult that worships Ungoliant. They attack travelers through the forest in order to obtain sacrifices to their deity. After being attacked, the party travels to Aradhrynd to research the cult. After obtaining information and help, Etanar the ranger, they mount an attack on the cultists. All cult leaders are killed and the remaining cultists scatter.

Ungoliant’s return is prevented.

Journey to Moria
Eordinale joins the party

03/18-04/16, 1643

Eolsen hires the party to guard his wagon train, with Elisa and Marluk as drivers, on a journey to Woodmen-Town and Moria. Eordinale is hired on as a local scout.

Halfway through Mirkwood they meet Galoden. He tells Andaeson of a sword he wants to recover from a cursed cave filled with treasure. All of the PCs accompany. Galoden is killed and Andaeson acquires Celenaur from the skull of a dragon skeleton.

At Moria they seek out a dwarf named Thorisan to purchase nails, but must fight a giant to obtain the shipment. Hargrim is killed in the fight, but is revived by a Noldor cleric named Alderleaf, using the PCs emerald of “Life-giving”.

The Charge On Chorgun
The first assault on the Dark Council

03/05-03/13, 1643

The party travels to Dale to find Chorgun. They are told by a mysterious figure in gray to seek out Beawyn the seer. When they find her she tells them of Chorgun’s location, supplies them with valuable herbs and tells them that they owe her a favor. They also meet Carnen the Sinda smith who helps put together Voswi’s spear, Voswhete. The party attacks Chorgun’s hideout killing him and all of his men.

Siege at Ulgarstat
The existence of the Dark Council is first learned

03/01-03/04, 1643

The party receives a note from Sigmar saying that Ulgarstat is under attack. Orlif and Gaelaf the bard kill everyone in the village after torturing them for information on the party, but Sigmar leaves some weapons hidden for the party to exact revenge. Orlif escapes again, but all of the other assailants are slain. The party learns of the existence of the Dark Council, of which Jarlack and Gaelaf were members and of the location of another member, Chorgun, who lives in Dale.

The Trouble With Trolls
Voswi loses his eye

01/25-02/30, 1643

A merchant named Thal Eolsen hires the party and their friend Kellis to go looking for a lost wagon and its cargo that was en route from Moria. It was driven by Elisa and Marluk, two of Eolsen’s scouts and is thought to have been taken by trolls near the mountains in Mirkwood. They go with Rothaar, Eolsen’s lead scout and successfully locate the wagon, drivers, and trolls. Elisa and Marluk are rescued safely along with the wagon. Rothaar is killed in battle, all of the trolls are slain and Voswi loses his eye. They gain Eolsen’s gratitude and he gives Voswi a golden fish-scale eye patch.

Triple Vision

10/29-11/22, 1642

A young woman shows up at the Vodagarazun Inn (Laketown) looking for help. This woman, Thelisa, is one of two sisters who have been spurned by their father in lieu of a 3rd sister, Lita. The father is the lord of a castle near the eastern border of Rhovanion. Seducing Voswi, Thelisa tricks the party into freeing Korg and his mercenary company from the castle’s dungeons. They’d been put there after Korg and Thelisa had tried, unsuccessfully, to take the castle. With the party’s help the castle is indeed taken, but Thelisa’s deception is revealed. After being thrown to some wolves the party is able to return and remove Korg and Thelisa’s forces from the castle. The 3rd sister, Kora kills her father, but is then killed by Voswi. Lita is left in charge, but Thelisa and Korg both escape.

Remaining at the castle to recover, Andaeson comes down with a fever received from a wolf bite. The other party members go searching for an herb to cure him. While doing this they run across a smuggling operation being run by one of the Laketown guards. They capture him and his men and expose the operation to Odagavia, master of Esgaroth.

The Black Knight

06/10-06/26, 1642

The citizens of Oakmead hire the party to get rid of a knight, actually four identical knights, that are barring the only road into their village. Following leads and local rumors the party recovers a set of swords from a haunted cave complex. The ancestors of the village stole these from the knights’ ancestors decades earlier when those knights died protecting the village from an evil wizard. The villagers know about this, but don’t tell the party until the end.

The knights get the swords and leave in peace.

The Jarlack Affair

03/28-03/30, 1642

Heading to Esgaroth from Ulgarstat, the party stumbles across a war between two mages, Jarlack and Andoven. The two fight over an ancient tome called The Book of the Dead. Andoven dies in front of the party, leaving them a crystal pendant “key” to the tome. Jarlack sends mercenaries to retrieve the key, but they fail and befriend the party instead.

Felkik sees Orlif in town and learns that he is Jarlack’s apprentice. Trying to follow, Felkik ends up fighting him and leaving him for dead in an alley. Later, they find Jarlack’s castle on their own and attempt to steal the tome, but are captured.

They escape with the mercenaries’ help and kill Jarlack on their way out. Orlif, not actually dead, escapes with the tome and the crystal.


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