Heroes of Laketown

Lair of the Blue Dragon
Slaying our second dragon

10/19-10/29, 1647

The PCs hear a story from a traveler about a large group of orcs from whom he escaped, orcs covered in blue tattoos. He claims they had amassed wealth by looting travelers between Dale and Buhr Thurasig. The PCs pay him off, and he gives them directions to their lair. They want revenge on Unhir Wadflad, who was last seen with the orcs, to stop the looting, and to steal some of their treasure.

They arrive at the orcs’ mountain hideout, and sneak into the caves running through it. They’re quickly discovered, and engage in a series of attacks, retreats, and attacks through other entrances. They kill over 30 orcs before Mogshi, the leader, threatens a human serving girl named Kiril. He says that he’ll kill her unless the PCs stop their attack, but agrees to free her if the PCs accomplish a task. He wants them to go down into the deepest caves of the mountain and “free them from the will of their master”. The PCs agree to make the attempt.

They crawl deep into the mountain and find a blue-skinned ice-drake whose name they never discover. After a long and nearly costly battle, the PCs are able to defeat the beast. They deliver the dragon eyes to Mogshi as proof of their victory and take the girl. They leave with as they can carry from the dragon’s hoard.

A Dark Plot
Narrowly averting another war

08/18-08/26, 1647

A dying scout rides into town, ignoring guards and heading for Odagavia’s house. He’ll speak only to Odagavia and his circle of advisors: Woffung, Maethelgar, and Beadarof. He found a large orcish outpost just southwest of Esgaroth, on the northeastern edge of the mountains. He observed it for a week and saw over 200 orcs arrive in that time. Because he doesn’t want the outpost aware of Esgaroth’s knowledge, he’d like the information kept from the populace. Unfortunately, Woffung is actually a spy for the Necromancer.

At Odagavia’s behest, Beadarof and Woffung ask the PCs to spy on the outpost. The Fall Festival is less than a week away and a large celebration is planned. Eoder, kryn of Dale’s largest clan and leader of Dale-folk, is visiting during the festival to sign a trade and military alliance treaty. An attack during this time could jeopardize the unity and leadership of northern Rhovanion. The PCs agree. At this time, Woffung gives Felkik a small pendant that he claims, “will grow warm near danger.”

Along the PCs route, they are separated and ambushed. Andaeson, Felkik, and Eordinale are attacked by Woffung, Gerazan (a Black Numenorean), and Leonide (an Easterling). Gerazan defeats Andaeson and Leonide defeats Eordinale. Felkik cuts off Woffung’s hand, but must flee to avoid capture by the others. After ditching the pendant, which was actually a tracking item, he rescues Andaeson, but must watch Leonide and Gerazan leave with Eordinale. Woffung cannot be found. Hargrim and Voswi kill both of their assassins, and catch up to Felkik and Andaeson. They try to heal Andaeson, and then head to the orc outpost to rescue Eordinale.

They sneak into the outpost and almost get caught, but are rescued by Allum, who’s been spying within the outpost for days. He shows them the venting tunnels which lace the outpost and they learn of a plot to assassinate both Eoder and Odagavia, preceding an attack on Esgaroth and Dale. They hear that there is an Easterling army east of the lake preparing to attack, alongside the orcs, when they’re signaled that both leaders are dead. It is unknown, however, how either will be killed or who is the assassin. Lastly, they find that Eordinale is on his way to Dol Guldur.

The PCs take off after him, while Allum rides to Esgaroth to warn of the plot. The PCs catch up to the wagons that hold Eordinale. They attack, and free him. Torturing a wagon driver, they find out that Eoder and Odagavia are to be poisoned. They all then head to Esgaroth.
They find the festival in its last day, with a ceremony for the treaty’s signing. Prowling the city for the assassin, they see Woffung greeting Eoder. They had never told Allum he was a traitor and thus the townspeople did not know either. The PCs chase Woffung into the Vodagarazun, where they engage in a short battle. Woffung dies falling from a 3rd floor window, but they find the poison and antidote on his body. They give both to Uphelb, who determines that the poison is administered by touch. Eoder and Odagavia are given the antidote as a precaution, and without their deaths, no signal for attack is given.

The treaty is signed. The Easterling armies soon disperse, but the orc outpost remains.

A Return To Normalcy
Gaining a favor (for a change)

07/01-07/09, 1647

Freamund, kryn of the Merchants union, approaches the PCs in response to a recommendation by Odagavia. During the plague his sister Hreowalda fled Esgaroth along with many other refugees. Most refugees returned following the plague, but Hreowalda and some others were not among them. Freamund has purchased information from a traveler, Unhir Wadflad, who claims he saw a small hamlet north of the lake called Penstow, to where it was rumored that people had fled during the plague.

The PCs travel with Unhir northeast, but he abandons them shortly after they pass through Dale. The PCs continue on the path they’ve been on and eventually find the colony of Penstow. They find Hreowalda, thyn of the village, and convince her that the plague is over. She refuses to return, however, until a recent crisis is settled. It seems 5 children have recently gone missing. The PCs track them down, killing the 2-headed troll whom kidnapped them. Hreowalda and her son, Volaf, convince 22 other villagers to return with her to Esgaroth. Thirty-one others, most not previous Esgaroth residents, decide to remain in Penstow.

On the trip back the PCs find out what happened to Unhir. He is now accompanied by 46 Larzoguhoth orcs. They decorate their bodies with blue tattoos. The PCs maneuver to encounter the orcs via a rope-bridge crossing a large canyon. After a long battle, causing the death of 4 Penstow residents and over 30 orcs, Unhir and the surviving orcs flee. The PCs return the others to Esgaroth. Hreowalda reunites with Freamund and Viclaf, the son she thought dead from plague long ago. Freamund pays them and offers Andaeson any favor he’d like from the guild.

You Bet Your Life

6/18-6/20, 1647

A body washes up on shore near the town’s entrance. The man, name unknown, is suspected by Beadarof of being involved with one of Lake-Town’s smuggling rings. He offers the PCs a 20g reward to find the man’s murderer and hopefully uncover information relating to smuggling operations into town.

Following leads, the PCs discover a smuggling operation between Viloric of Londaroth and Hildegrippa the Lean, owner of the Erranun Tavern. They smuggle grains into town by way of a trap door in the tavern’s back room, which opens to the lake below. Andaeson convinces Vogir, Hildegrippa’s second, that he wants to smuggle Dorwinion wine into town. The deal is accepted and a trap is set up, including the PCs and several Drihten. An unknown Drihten informs on Andaeson at the last minute, however, and almost costs him his life.

In the end, Hildegrippa, Vogir, and several thugs are captured. One of Hildegrippa’s thugs testifies that she killed Saewic, the body from the water, when she caught him cheating at dice. Her thugs stuffed his body into some sacks of barley just in from Viloric and dumped him into the lake to sink or be eaten by a grundherd. Fish chewed through the sacks, however, and the body rose to the surface to float ashore. Hildegrippa was hung, Viloric was fined and banned from trading in town, and Vogir imprisoned for 60 days. The tavern was forfeited to the town government.

Arson at Esgaroth

05/21-05/22, 1647

Two packages wait for the PCs when they return to the Vodagarazun. One, from Carnen, contains Andaeson’s new shield and Eordinale’s white Bal-Pilindi. The other, from Vosca Bellia, contains money and some items made from Eldran’s remains.

Odavacer tells them that two of the boarding rooms are being converted to allow for more boarders. There are, however, two suites opening up at 12bp/month. Waggeorn is getting married and has just moved out. Felkik and Hargrim each take a suite, Andaeson moves to his shop, and Voswi and Eordinale stay in two boarding rooms until they need to be remodeled.

One day Allum comes to town and tells the PCs that a courier is on his way to give Odagavia a secret message. They follow the courier to the Haed-Haus and secretly listen to his conversation with Odagavia, Beadarof, and Maethelgar. They learn that information has been uncovered that there is a spy in Esgaroth for the Necromancer. Soon after, there’s a fire at a warehouse by the docks, where Andaeson and Felkik are near. Andaeson rescues Spearwa, a young girl, and Felkik chases a dark figure seen fleeing the warehouse, but loses him. Beadarof asks the PCs to help him solve the crime, as it’s a capital offense in Lake-Town, and he’s unsure whom to trust.

Sculding, Spearwa’s boyfriend, gives the PCs a tip that leads them to Coryndir, a river-rat. Urdrath owed a lot of money to him, but Agilulf recently paid off a large chunk for him. Agilulf paid off the debt in return for Urdrath starting the fire. Agilulf once asked Riguntha to marry him, but she refused. She is kryn of the Shippers union, and had stored a lot of cloth, her main cargo, in the warehouse that burned. The PCs confront Agilulf, but he denies everything. They confront Urdrath as well, but he’s hit by poison darts as he enters his room. Thinking he’s about to die, he confesses to the PCs and Beadarof. Brunehaut cures him of the poison, but he’s hung two days later. With no proof against him, Agilulf walks away clean.

Demon Hunt
Taking on new forms to defeat a hellish foe

03/23-03/25, 1647

As the PCs are being teleported they hear Harkov’s voice in their head. The demon has surrounded his realm by a ward of Absolution. Anyone entering will have their soul torn from their body. His only option is to transfer the PCs souls into the soulless bodies of beings who are already within the realm. He had prepared for this eventuality, however, and identified 5 preserved bodies. In these forms they would have to defeat the demon within 3 days. Harkov could only guarantee the preservation of their real bodies for that amount of time.

Andaeson became Orindal, a half-elf ranger. Eordinale became Ringore, a Noldor elf cleric. Felkik became Miramatea, a human mystic. Hargrim became Vinyanaug, a hobbit monk. Voswi became Kirpolda, a human fighter. All of these beings had been killed attempting to kill the demon, now hidden in human form, sometime over the last 500 years.

Using their new abilities, they track down High Chancellor Grayden, actually the demon, and are able to defeat him, free Jenna’s spirit, and teleport back. At the keep, Harkov offers them another reward before teleporting them out of the keep. When they find themselves on open ground again they’re surrounded by 28 half-orcs, but rescued by Jenna. The demon, Grayden, appears briefly and teleports the half-orcs away. They had never actually killed him. Jenna informs them that she will contact them soon and they head back to Esgaroth.

Harkov's Keep
Exploring a mystical puzzle-filled keep that travels through time

03/21-03/22, 1647

The same day the PCs return to Esgaroth they receive a message from Pral to go to Dale right away. Unfortunately, they find that Pral’s been kidnapped. Tracking his abductors, they are able to rescue Pral, but find him on his deathbed. He gives them explicit directions to the keep and warns them that there’s pack of about 30 half-orcs searching for it as well.

They manage to find the keep before the orcs and enter right away. After negotiating several floors of traps they learn the secret behind the keep. 500 years ago Harkov and his love, Jenna, sought to destroy a demon terrorizing a nearby village. Unable to destroy the demon, they teleported it to a far off location, but not before if trapped Jenna’s soul in a gem it held. To torture Harkov from afar, the demon told him that she would be freed if Harkov could complete a task, and he would only receive one attempt. Harkov would need to find volunteers, willing to risk their life, to attack and defeat the demon. Harkov had his keep built as a way to test visitors. He stocked it full of magical objects to attract powerful warriors and wizards. Lastly, he instilled his spirit within it to power its magic. The traps within it test the skills necessary for anyone who would seek to destroy the demon. After rewarding the PCs for getting through his traps he gives them the choice to help him or not. 2 groups had come through before, but neither agreed. All of the PCs agree and are quickly teleported away.

The Wolf-Man Of Galgorin

03/05-03/11, 1647

The PCs arrive in Shrel-Kain and are arrested as they disembark. Gaerandil is charging them with treason for not disclosing that they knew Borel’s location when they came through town. They talk their way out of it when they learn that Daelhaelin has awoken from her coma. They also learn that Orlif’s ship came in without him.

Raendoric finds the PCs in town and informs Andaeson that he knows of a grape grower in the town of Galgorin who is interested in doing business with him, but wants to meet him personally. They find there’s a mystery in Galgorin and the man they’re supposed to meet, Gran Naldo, is in jail. Wolves have attacked local livestock and a recent traveler over the last couple of weeks and most of the townspeople are scared to go outside. Gallo Wansutt, the town-master, feels that it’s random attacks and jailed Naldo when he said he wanted to contact the capitol for help, as this would jeopardize Wansutt’s political career.

As the PCs investigate the problems they are joined by 3 others: Drusso, a wagon-driver who saw his friend mauled; Arcatia, the beast-master of Dorwinion; and Julia Marcatio, a local hermetic woman. They eventually discover that Krulla, a retired soldier, is a werewolf and doesn’t know it. With the help of Lada, the local healer, they devise a potion to cure Krulla without killing him. No one is killed, but only two of the PCs are left standing at the end.

Krulla is very thankful to them and gives them his Medallion of Healing, Naldo gives Andaeson a good deal, and Julia gives Voswi some spell scrolls for wolves. The PCs head back towards Esgaroth.

The Many Faces Of Orlif

01/31-02/27, 1647

On the way home from Igrash they first stop by Rhubar. There, Andaeson asks Carnen to make him a stout shield for 15g. Carnen agrees and says it will take a few months.

Returning home safely and settling in, they set off to Dale to question Beawyn regarding Harkov’s Keep. She says she knows of a man in town, Pral, who is supposed to know of the keep. Pral is half-insane, but says he has plotted the next appearance of the keep. He was paid 20 years ago by a man named Jarr to anticipate one of its future locations. He says Jarr had once visited the keep. The PCs agree to pay him 10g now and 10g later if he tells them the next location.

In Esgaroth, Krista, who no longer seems to be imprisoned, approaches them. She details a story explaining how Orlif’s consciousness fled his body after his death, moved to Madon, and finally to Borel. Worse yet, he seems to possess the abilities of all. She also says that he has threatened to take her body as well. She says she is informing them because she feels they can stop him. Soon after, Allum returns to town and says Jarr now lives in Ulgarstat. Jarr tells them that the keep is cursed and he’s the only one of his party who still lives. He also gives them a little advice to help get them through it.

Weeks later, back at the Vodagarazun, the PCs are attacked by a wagonload of skeletons. An obvious clue leads them to Jarlack’s old castle. They battle many soldiers, find Allum imprisoned and tortured, and find another obvious clue. This clue leads them to Ulgarstat. They realize that it’s Orlif, just leading them to all of the sites they originally encountered him. They head to Madon’s old castle, where they originally hung Orlif, figuring that’s where he’s ultimately leading them. Since they arrive a few days sooner than he expects they’re able to surprise him and several of his lieutenants. Seeing defeat at hand he heads into the caverns below the castle. After a lengthy chase the PCs catch him, but learn his last ace. It is his spell, from the Book of the Dead, which is responsible for Daelhaelin’s coma and he is the only one who knows of the book’s location.

The PCs are forced to let him go if he casts the counterspell and disposes of the crystal-key. He does. Felkik destroys the book and places a spy on Borel’s ship to keep tabs on just where he gets off. They catch the ship that leaves the very next day.

The Wounded Drake
Slaying our first dragon

09/18-10/07, 1646

Wintirion Iaur reveals that leaders from all 6 Eothraim clan leaders wore the Stone of Eomund at one time or another, before it was lost 300 years ago. No one ever died in battle while wearing it. They also investigate the Bal-Pilindi. All 4 arrows fired at the same target are supposed to be incredibly powerful. The blue arrow was last seen in Harkov’s Keep, a mysterious and fabled fortress that appears and disappears in different locations.

While there they also encounter two men from a northern village called Igrash. They believe a wounded drake that has taken refuge just 10 miles from them will soon terrorize their village. The PCs agree to examine the situation and possibly help them. In the village they find Barg, who helped wound the beast.

Barg, originally from Dale, lead a group of 8 dragon-hunters against Eldran The Frigid, a drake in The Withered Heath. They fooled a young fire-breathing dragon into attacking the older Eldran. They hoped Eldran would win, but be injured and weak. Instead, the younger dragon won and Eldran, badly wounded, fled. They followed him all of the way down here and tried to finish him off. Eldran fooled them, though, and killed all but Barg, who’s badly wounded. The dragon now rests with a full belly.

Eordinale steals some dragon-slaying items from the hunters’ remains in Eldran’s cave. Some travelers from Pardfan, having heard rumors of a wounded drake, have come to slay the beast as well. They are lead by Vosca and Forlet Bellia, a smith and leatherworker, and accompanied by a mysterious woman named Biarda Jampett. They and the PCs agree to work together and split up the rewards to be had from a dragon carcass. Biarda plans the attack and they’re successful. Several Pardfans are killed, the dragon is slain, and Biarda turns out to be a dragon-hunter herself.


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