Heroes of Laketown

The Jarlack Affair

03/28-03/30, 1642

Heading to Esgaroth from Ulgarstat, the party stumbles across a war between two mages, Jarlack and Andoven. The two fight over an ancient tome called The Book of the Dead. Andoven dies in front of the party, leaving them a crystal pendant “key” to the tome. Jarlack sends mercenaries to retrieve the key, but they fail and befriend the party instead.

Felkik sees Orlif in town and learns that he is Jarlack’s apprentice. Trying to follow, Felkik ends up fighting him and leaving him for dead in an alley. Later, they find Jarlack’s castle on their own and attempt to steal the tome, but are captured.

They escape with the mercenaries’ help and kill Jarlack on their way out. Orlif, not actually dead, escapes with the tome and the crystal.

Attercop Attack

03/21-03/24, 1642
The citizens of Ulgarstat, a hamlet on the eastern edge of Mirkwood, hire the party to find out what has been killing travelers along a well-traveled road. The party discovers, tracks down and kills 3 giant spiders. Two other giant spiders follow them back to Ulgarstat and convince a pack of dire wolves to accompany them. All enemies are either killed or driven away, with few casualties suffered by the citizens of Ulgarstat. The party befriends Sigmar, a former smith of Gondor, and Ulgar, the hamlet’s founder.


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