Heroes of Laketown

Spring of the Valar

05/01-05/12, 1645

Urdrath, an inn resident, gives the PCs a map to a magical spring. He asks only for a canteen full of its water in return. They stop at Thelisa’s castle along the way and find that she is having a dispute with a local Easterling tribe. The cause of the dispute is actually some orcs and trolls who are attempting to find the spring as well. They solve the dispute, kill the orcs and trolls, and find the spring. Felkik dies in battle, but is able to be revived by the spring. Everyone drinks from the pool and a canteen-full is taken for Andaeson. In the aftermath the entrance to the spring is sealed.

The Tithing Train
Andaeson buys The Golden Elixir

03/21-04/03, 1645

Grimbold shows up at the Vodagarazun looking for partners to kill a camp of Blogrum-Hai orcs who reside at Ilmaryen Keep in Mirkwood. It’s a stopover for supplies going from the Witch-King of Angmar to the Necromancer. They attack and slaughter every last orc. They split all of the loot with Grimbold and return 4 wagonloads of goods to Esgaroth, plus mark it as a safe site in the wood.

About this time Felkik begins paying Wulf to train him in martial arts and Andaeson buys his wine shop (The Golden Elixir).

Assault on the Sorcerer's Citadel
The end of the Dark Council

01/03-01/24, 1645

Information from Allum clues the PC’s that Leardinoth is a mage of much renown down in Strayhold. Traveling surreptitiously down to Strayhold, they scout out Leardinoth’s castle and mount an attack upon it. They kill Leardinoth, all of his apprentices, and most of his orcish guard. Kiran visits the PC’s shortly thereafter, says he never wished to associate with the Dark Council and promises to stay out of trouble if the PC’s forget about him. They agree.

Twins Of Darkness
The party incurs another favor

11/03-11/19, 1644

The PC’s ride out to where Cheirosh and Beirosh are hiding. They sneak in and attack, leaving only Beirosh alive. They steal everything they can find, including three of the Bal-Pilindi (powerful magic arrows) and trigger a trap that curses them all with Skin Death. Stopping in Dale on their way home, they ask Carnen to dispel the curse. He does so, but makes Voswi promise that they’ll do a favor for him soon as repayment. Voswi agrees.

House Of Assassins
Orilf transfers his soul again

10/28-11/02, 1644

The PC’s learn that Allum and Jakelt are both agents from their respective lands assigned to watch over the area and the PCs, as well as keeping tabs on them.

Krista sneaks into town during all of this and assaults the PC’s with subtle spells, causing them to be paranoid, overly generous, etc. She then attacks them with 6 assassins, one of which is found to have a map to a castle just east of Dale. Traveling there, the PC’s walk into a trap and are briefly imprisoned. They escape and battle Madon’s troops, led by Borel, and Krista’s golem, as well as Krista, Madon, and Ellis. Hargrim almost dies, but is saved by an herb found by Felkik. Krista, Borel, and some troops escape and Madon and Ellis are killed. At the moment of Madon’s death Orlif attempts to transfer both his and Madon’s souls into Krista’s body, but she is able to resist. He settles for Borel, who easily succumbs.

The PC’s take one of the surviving troops to Beawyn who reads his mind and is able to give the PC’s the location of Cheirosh and Beirosh.

Return of the Fall Festival
A quiet interlude between adventures

08/24-08/26, 1644

Esgaroth has not had a fall festival since the plague years began over 8 years ago. This is the first one since then. The PC’s see Carnen and Korg again. They meet Allum, from Gondor, Jakelt, from Lorien, and Wulf, who wins the main contest at the festival.

The Necromancer's Lieutenant

02/10-03/13, 1644

The PCs rest in Shrel-Kain for awhile before heading north. On the way they stop in Buhr Widu for a night. There, Francryn the merchant hires the PCs to guard his wagonload of goods en route to Woodmen-Town. They’re ambushed by orcs on the way and the wagon is looted. They track them and recover everything and find Eordinale, who’d been captured, and a Woodman scout named Windlore. They travel with him back to Woodmen-Town.

Windlore gives word to Waulfa that the Eargil has been stolen and is now en route, via orcish caravan, to the Necromancer. At Waulfa’s request the PCs ambush the caravan, but its leaders escape south with the Eargil. The PCs track them down and recover the Eargil, but find that it lacks its backing, making it non-functional. They also find a note on the orcs telling of a plan to attack Aradhrynd very soon.

The PCs spread the word to Woodmen-Town and Aradhrynd and then do their best to slow down the approaching army. At the final front before Aradhrynd they fight alongside the elves before being captured by the wizard Skauril and his minions. Rescued by Legolas, they chase Skauril back to his lair in Southern Mirkwood. They kill him and all of his followers, barely surviving themselves, and recover the backing to the Eargil. The elves fend off the attack, but suffer heavy losses. The PCs are again revered as heroes and given rewards of thanks.

Perils on the Sea Of Rhun
Felkik declines marriage

11/12-12/19, 1643

Leaving Elgaer, the PCs board the last ship heading towards Shrel-Kain, the “Ocean Noise”. Also on the ship they find Eordinale, traveling from Rhubar, and several magic-users going from Or-Sarn to Wintirion Iaur. On the trip several magic-users are killed and the navigator and cook are found to be the killers. Both are slain for their crimes. Unknown to the PCs at the time, their goal was to assassinate anyone onboard intending to visit Wintirion Iaur.
Another passenger, Lomelinde, kidnaps Princess Daelhaelin’s twin sister, Herufara, thinking her to be Daelhaelin. The PC’s follow Lomelinde to the tower of Minas Falath to rescue Herufara. In the assault Lomelinde and Morlammen, the tower’s master, are killed and Herufara is rescued. Felkik and Daelhaelin begin to hit it off.

Before they are able to dock at Shrel-Kain realm-master Gaerandil Cirya asks the captain, Laif Barlin, and the PCs to check out the death of his seer near the tower Wintirion Iaur. On the way the “Ocean Noise” is sunk in a mysterious storm and the PCs lose most of their stuff. Reaching the tower they find it to have been taken over by orcs lead by Din Ohtar, a ring-wight. All orcs are killed and Din Ohtar flees in defeat. In the aftermath they recover “The Tome Of Golodhlir” which tells of Sauron’s return 600 years ago and that he now resides at Dol Guldur. Returning to Shrel-Kain they’re honored as heroes and Gaerandil offers Felkik Daelhaelin’s hand. Felkik declines.

On The Trail Of A Scoundrel
Orlif returns

10/17-11/11, 1643

Orlif returns to Lake-Town on his way to the Sea Of Rhun. Spotting him, the PCs follow. They go all of the way to Elgaer before finding the castle of Madon, where Orlif is hiding, with the help of a local named Methri. Sneaking into the castle, half of the party is imprisoned and later freed by the others, who bluff their way in. They then find Orlif and, after a long chase, capture and hang him in Elgaer’s town square. Neither the Book of the Dead nor the crystal-key is found. Unknown to the PCs at the time, Orlif uses a spell learned from the book to transfer his soul into Madon’s body.

Raid on the Rogues
Returning Beawyn's favor

08/03-08/26, 1643

Beawyn asks for her favor. Her friend, Lorril Tesserne, is a priest in Meke Larnis. He has had a revered item, the Horn of Grell, stolen by the Clan of Rogues who live in Strayhold. The PC’s are asked to get it back. Aided by Ecuris the seer, they break into the clan-hall twice and steal back the horn on their second attempt. Beawyn explains more about members of the Dark Council. She names Madon, Krista, Leardinoth, Ellis, Kiran, and Cheirosh and Beirosh as all being members.


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