Andaeson Gilthalon

Noble dunedan fighter and bearer of Celenaur



Andaêson was born in Arahón, his ancestral holding in Anórien. His father is the lord of Arahón Keep situated in the grain-basket of Gondor. His family enjoys reasonable wealth and the distinction of being full-blooded Dúnadan. Although the lands around the keep are fertile, the wealth of the settlement is produced mainly through trade goods. The abundance of small craft merchants drives the economy.

As the eldest son of Sortar, Andaêson was in line to inherit the post of his father. He was afforded every opportunity to advance in the ranks of Gondorian nobility, but his heart sought the battlefield. He preferred valor in battle to the subtle machinations of bureaucratic life. Overseeing the constant squabbling of merchants draws little of Andaêson’s enthusiasm. As a young man he trained in the military and was away from Arahón for many months at a time. Upon completion of his duty he returned to the keep to begin training in the ways of courtly politics. In a short time it was clear that he would not accept this lot.

Within a few years Andaêson sought to leave his family and his future post behind. He took up his arms and rode north to the wild lands in hope that he might aspire to noble deeds, rather than squander his energy on greedy merchants. This decision did not sit well with his father. Officially, Noloron was named the heir to the keep and Andaêson was freed to seek his own fortune elsewhere. Sortar did not agree with his eldest son’s decision, but conceded on the matter. Disappointment still stirs in Sortar’s mind.


A noble fire burns within Andaêson. It first sparked while visiting historic battlefields in Dagorlad as soldier. He felt the shadow of evil that is slowly creeping across the land firsthand. He sees most leaders so engrossed in local politics, that they are blind to the real dangers that stalk them in their diminishing eyesight.

He feels a personal duty to stemming the imminent tide of evil. He feels pride at being counted among a party with such noble intentions. His devotion to his fellow adventurers has strengthened over the years and he would willingly give his life to save one of his fellows. He feels that they have been drawn together by fate for a larger purpose. Though he takes his mercantile prospects seriously, he does not let it stifle his pursuit of good. It is strictly a tool to facilitate this end.

Andaêson he is slow to anger and even slower to forget a transgression. He knows the value of laws, but is not above dealing justice when he sees fit. Sometimes swift action is needed. He is very careful in this perception of justice.


Tall even by Dúnadan standards, Andaêson stands well over six feet. His true name is Andnálo meaning “Long Shadow” in his native tongue. His limbs are lean and strong. Thick strands of pitch hair drape over his furrowed brow, framing his steel gray eyes. His chiseled chin is shaven clean and weathered.

Andaêson is an imposing figure. Gleaming silver mail hangs beneath a thick black velvet cloak. At his side hangs a wicked broadsword displaying esoteric runes. His boots and breeches are worn, yet well mended with a stout round shield and helm rounding out his attire. Despite his impressive arms, he appears more utilitarian than regal. He walks with a confident stride and a wary eye for trouble.

Andaêson often appears deep in thought. His actions come quickly and with stark consequences. As any good businessman, he is amiable in social settings, although guarded with his thoughts. He reserves his opinions for his close friends. Trust is only given to those who have proven their friendship.

Andaeson Gilthalon

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