Eldran the Frigid

Cold Drake with a penchant for crushing his enemies


Frigid Presence– Eldran mere presence projects a blast of cold area. Anyone within 100 feet of Eldran mus resist magical cold as 5th level spell. Failure to resist forces the victim to act a –20 to all actions due to numbness and extreme cold.

Riddle Talk- All Great Dragons being the arrogant prideful beasts that they are enjoy praises and a good test of wits in the form of riddles. Eldran is more susceptible to praises and good game of riddles than most drakes. A PC wanting to engage Eldran into conversation must successfully conduct Medium MM. (PC can add their leadership and influence skills.)

Immunity to Cold – Eldran is immune to any cold attacks.

Persuasion – Eldran is able to ‘charm’ individuals by concentrating his voice towards any individual or individuals. His voice acts as a 15th level Charm Spell to anyone who hears it.

Dragon Curse – Eldran has the unique ability among dragon’s to curse a being. The curse is up to the GM but it often leads to the down-fall of cursed individual either through lost of life or outcast from society. The curse RR is equal to half the dragon’s level. For whatever reason this ability is rarely used and often time it is issued right before the drake’s death

Eldran the Frigid

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