Tag: Rhovanion


  • Esgaorth

    Esgaroth is built upon great platforms above the Annen and is connected to land by a single bridge. The Men of Lake-town elect a Master every other year, but trade is the true ruler of Esgaroth. Most of the trade routes in the region pass through Esgaroth …

  • Strayhold

    Some miles to the south and east of the great forest of Mirkwood, just out from the East Bight, is situated a town of a most remarkable nature. It is called by many names, few of which are complimentary, and is home to the most unsavory lot of brigands …

  • Shrel-Kain

    The riverine city of Shrel-Kain is the cultural and commercial center of Rhovanion. Gaerendil Cirya is the current Master of the city. From its location, some twenty miles north of the mouth of the Fola Salenin, the capital dominates the two most …

  • Dale

    The town of Dale nestles between two spurs of Erebor. It is the Dale-folk's only major town, and also the fyrga of the Dale-folk Krythéod (No/S. "Rune-folk") clan.