Some miles to the south and east of the great forest of Mirkwood, just out from the East Bight, is situated a town of a most remarkable nature. It is called by many names, few of which are complimentary, and is home to the most unsavory lot of brigands and merchants ever to assemble in Wilderland. This so-called Strayhold of Dor Rhúnen. Others call it Fire Town, for its undying, torchlit, nightlife. Its light illuminates the nearby hollows of Rhovanion’s Shattered Step.

Site of Castle of Leärdinoth

Type: Fortified Town
Inhabitants: 85% Northman, 15% Mixed Mannish
Population: 900
Origin: Settled by Gramuz outcasts, c. TA 1340
Purpose: Trade with Gramuz and Gondor; economic focal point
Symbol: None

Strayhold, is also known as Unsibyabaurg (Rh.“Town of Iniquity”) and later Waldlesburg (Éo.“Rule-less Town”).


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